Aarjay group of companies are committed to protect the environment. We function in such a manner to prevent pollution to the environment due to hazardous chemicals, safeguard the health of employees and workers and conserve natural resources and energy.

We provide a safe and healthy work environment to all its workmen and comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. The group creates awareness among all its employees and other interested parties about the need for environmental protection and its benefits

We also provide adequate resources including training, effective communication system throughout the organisation to its employees and other interested parties. It our motto is to conserve energy by way of adopting proper state-of-the-art processes, equipment and systems, minimising waste generation and careful handling of generated waste. We encourage recycle, reuse where possible and proper disposal of waste.

Aarjay Group of companies recognise and respect the right of employees to freely associate in accordance with the existing laws. We always ensure that we pay our employees and workers the minimum wages and benefits required by the local law, pay overtime charges if employed to do so and provide adequate periodic training to the employees and workers benefits.

We never engage in use of child labour or young labour less than 18 years of age and use of forced labour. Discrimination in employment on the basis of Gender, Race, Religion, Age, Sex, Nationality, Political Opinion or social / ethnic origin not in practice in our organisation.

It is our commitment to not to use any physical, sexual or psychological harassment or abuse of any of our employees, compelling the workers to work excessive overtime hours, and deduction from wages for disciplinary purposes.